Deliverable Products

Deliverable products accordingly to application part C.

Project Web Site     01/10/2011       delivered 14/10/2011

Notice Boards     01/11/2011           first delivery 14/10/2011

A plan for the implementation phase 01/12/2011

Monitoring protocol 01/12/2011:

Monitoring protocol 23Jan2013 (2) (312.68 kB)


Monitoring protocol may2014

LCA of PVC blood bag                   delivered 27/03/2012


Monitoring of blood transfusion operations in EU-countries, 2015

Output Indicator Table Jan2016

Activity Reports  

Audit Result   01/06/2017

Economic feasibility study 01/04/2017

Final Layman’s report 01/06/2017

Publication based on the evaluation of blood bags Jan 2017

LCA of the new PVC-free blood bag 01/03/2017

After-LIFE Communication Plan (included in final report)

Final project report     30/09/2017 © 2015