Year – 2012

Melitek presented by the Danish Ministry for Science, Innovation and higher Education

 Project member Melitek says Goodbye to phthalates in blood “The EU has imposed harsh restrictions on the use of unhealthy phthalates, or plasticisers, in toys. But plasticisers are still allowed in blood bags, and there is no available alternative to phthalates to soften the plastic. A Danish and an Italian company are now collaborating on developing the phthalatefree blood bag. The EU has […]

CleanMed – PVC replacement in Healthcare

Parallel session B3 Presentation material further down Today we had a very sucessfull parallel session. A room full of dedicated people, very interesting discussions and professional speakers.          The project informed and reached new supporters. The petition was signed both on paper and at the website. And the refreshments were much appreciated.

Our comments on the LCA

 This is the project’s response to the vinyl manufacturers’ press release below. The Life Cycle Assessment commissioned by our project compared a PVC/DEHP blood bag to a fictive polyethylene bag. This LCA does not contradicts the mentioned SCENIHR report from 2008, especially since the SCENIHR report is not considering alternatives to PVC but are focusing on the […] © 2015